Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Perhaps the most iconic sign of Christmas is the Christmas tree. It isn’t only the sight of the tree, sparkling with decorations, that evokes the magic of the holiday season, but the adventure of choosing the perfect tree, the scent of the evergreen needles, and the way a Christmas tree somehow makes a home feel cozy and welcoming. Fraser firs are some of the most popular trees used during Christmas time, but most people don’t actually know where their holiday tree has come from or the history behind it.
Fraser firs are native to the southern Appalachian mountains and grow only at an elevation of 3,000 feet or higher. These trees love cold temperatures and the plentiful rainfall of the area. It’s these conditions, in fact, which help to keep these trees green and full all through the season, making them an excellent choice for fresh cut Christmas trees. Today, North Carolina produces almost all of the Fraser firs that are sold in the United States.
When used as a Christmas tree, fresh Fraser firs will generally live for about five weeks. Throughout this time, the fir will retain its full appearance without shedding very many needles. The needles of the tree will also stay dark green all through the holiday season. This helps the tree retain its classic holiday tree shape, for which it’s known.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees For Sale