DIY Christmas Decorating Guide – From Christmas Greenery, Etc.

Christmas DIY decorating will be fun, easy and affordable when you follow these great tips. There are many unique Christmas items that you can DIY that will also create lasting memories. The most beloved and favorite decorations in each family are often handmade.

You will find ideas here for decorating your home, your office and your Christmas tree. Each will require minimal supplies and will be easy to make. Have fun creating your very own DIY Christmas.

Decorating Your Home

Fresh greens always look better than artificial greens, and they smell great too. You can DIY wreaths, garland and swags with fresh greens. A wreath can be made easily by tying small branches onto a wire wreath frame. Swags and garlands can be made by tying together branches until the desired length is achieved. Add some sprigs from berry bushes, pinecones, bows or lights to make them a bit more festive. These can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Add some charm to your Christmas décor with some DIY trees. Use a simple foam craft cone and cover it with ribbon loops, small paper poinsettia cutouts or artificial snow. Burlap ribbon-wrapped from the top to bottom, overlapping slightly, is on-trend and super easy to make. Create these in all different sizes and cluster them together as a centerpiece or put a few on each side on a mantle. Tuck in some greens around the bottom or add some artificial snow.

Rather than purchasing large decorations, use inexpensive Christmas picks to tuck in around picture frames or candles that you already have on display. There are many options available with flowers, berries, pinecones, snowflakes and even artificial candy. These can be purchased inexpensively at a craft store. Just a little touch here and there really adds to the overall holiday feel in your home.

Mason jars can be made into adorable snow globes in a few simple steps. Glue a small decoration or ornament that you already have onto the underside of the lid so that when the lid is upside down, it will be standing upright. Add artificial snow to the jar, and screw the lid on. Glue a ribbon around the lid if desired. Turn it upside down and enjoy the winter wonderland. There is no need to add water. Dry snowglobes are totally on-trend.

Vegetable or soup cans can be turned into adorable decorations in a few simple steps. Remove the label, clean them out completely and let them dry. Glue wide burlap ribbon or seasonal fabric to cover the entire outside. Place large Christmas picks inside or create your own with greens, pinecones and berries. Add a bow if you wish and place it on a shelf, side table, mantle or use it in the middle of a centerpiece. To complete the centerpiece, simply add some more greens around the outside. Include pinecones, ribbons or ornaments if desired.

Decorating Your Office

Welcome your clients and customers by decorating the outside of your office. Hang some greens, put up some bows and maybe add a wreath to the door. When you make these yourself, you can save money and you can customize the sizes of everything that you need. You can also add some lights. Tuck in some pinecones and berries for a traditional holiday look.

Make your office feel cozy and warm with DIY Mason jar luminaries. Paint the jar white and add a pinecone and ribbon or a Christmas pick to the top. Place a battery-powered tea light inside and enjoy the Christmas glow.

Some offices often have limited space for an actual Christmas tree. If you do not have the room for one, then consider using some wall space to create the shape of a tree with some garland. Add a star near the top. Decorations can be simple bows or pictures of those who work in the office. This non-traditional tree will be beautiful and may even be a great conversation starter in the lobby.

You can make DIY stockings for your office from felt. Cut a stocking shape out of two pieces and use felt glue to hold them together. Decorate them with precut felt shapes or with glitter. Add the names of your co-workers to make them feel appreciated during the holiday season.

Consider adding a beverage station to the waiting area that includes seasonal drinks. Have packets available for hot cocoa, flavored coffees and flavored teas. You may wish to leave out small candy canes and flavored creamers too. Add some Christmas picks around the coffee pot to make it look festive. Hang a wreath or some greens nearby. Perhaps add a hot cocoa sign just for the season. Make the area welcoming and special for the holidays.

Consider having the waiting room be the area that is more festive. Decorate the actual offices too, but keep them a little more low key so your clients are not distracted too much when they are with you. In these areas, have soft glow battery candles that you add a ribbon to or a simple wreath of greens and berries on the wall.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Add some real charm to your tree this year with DIY ornaments and garlands. Have your family help out and make memories too. Wood slices are very on-trend and rather easy to obtain. You can find them at craft stores, online and maybe even in your own yard if you have a fallen tree that you can use. Larger slices can be used in centerpieces, but the small ones are perfect for ornaments.

Create wood slice ornaments by drilling a small hole near the top. Purchased slices often already have the hole. Then add twine or ribbon for a hanger. Use wood-burning tools, paint or glue and glitter to add names or seasonal words to the ornaments. If you are feeling creative, you may even paint a whole scene.

Family pictures make excellent Christmas tree ornaments. They can be glued to a wood slice ornament, to a DIY popsicle stick frame or simply mounted on cardstock paper with some embellishments such as stickers or ribbon. Family pictures never go out of style, and they always make others feel loved.

Chenille stems are very affordable and can be twisted into all kinds of ornaments. Use silver or white to make snowflakes. Use red and white together to make candy canes. These are also great for holding bows together.

Pinecones also make beautiful ornaments. Adding a little bit of white paint to the tips gives them a nice, snowy look. You can also add glitter or artificial snow before the paint dries. Hang with twine or ribbon.

Simple bows look beautiful on a tree and can be very easy to make. You can simply tie it like you would tie shoelaces. Add a twisty tie or chenille stem through the back to tie onto the tree. You can make fuller bows if you prefer by wrapping the ribbon around the hand several times, removing it from the hand, and tying it in the middle with a matching chenille stem. Spread out the loops and add a twisty tie to the back.

A super fun way to add some pizzazz to your Christmas tree is to make your own garland. Popcorn garland is a traditional family favorite that is super easy to make. Simply pop plain popcorn a few days before you are going to string it. Once it is stale, use a needle to string it onto thread, fishing line or thin wire. Some pieces will break along the way, but do not let that stop you. It gets easier as you go. You can add some fresh cranberries for a pop of color here and there.

Dried citrus fruit slices also make beautiful garlands. Oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit all work well. Dry them by slicing them a consistent width and baking the slices at 150 degrees for three to four hours. Flip them over every hour and check frequently after the first two and a half hours. Take them out when they are dried, but not shriveled up. These beautiful slices can be added to garlands for the tree or hung as ornaments.

Decorating for Christmas should be fun, and with these awesome DIY projects, we think you will definitely have a wonderful time decorating this year. Remember that although one project might be listed under home ideas, it can still be used in the office and vice versa depending on the look you are going for. These ideas can be used as-is or you can

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